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Piers Daniell

25 February 2020

Wixford to receive new village hall

As part of the application for Oversley Castle and the Greenhouse we have made a commitment to donate an existing building we have at the site currently called the Woodstore to become the new village hall.

The current hall is over 90 years old but beyond economic repair which means the plans for a new hall are being well received by the community. The new hall provides a much-needed space for meetings, community recreation and hiring for weddings or birthday parties. The new building will be constructed from a steel frame and timber cladding with a cedar shingle roof, providing over sixteen hundred square foot of space for the local community.

The village of Wixford is located just half a mile from the Oversley estate. Wixford Council have been a great support during the development of the Oversley Estate which has transformed over the past three years. The final stage will begin later this year when planning is finalised, and work begins on the Castle.

Wixford to receive new village hall